International Axe Throwing Day June 13th

After some basic instruction and coaching he kept score and taught us different games to play. We had a wonderful time. No participant who is impaired in any way or who may pose an increased risk to themselves, or other participants will be allowed to participate. Hostility and rule breaking are not welcome. Anyone exhibiting hostile or aggressive behavior verbally, or otherwise will immediately be asked to leave without refund. During the first 30 minutes, we coach your group to properly throw axes like a lumberjack.

  • It’s tradition for the winner of each game to take their seat on our prestigious axe throne.
  • It’s a fun and unique way to celebrate together.
  • It is recommended for a lane to be a minimum of 12ft in width with the targets evenly distributed.
  • Although tipping the AXEPERTS is not necessary, cash tips are GREATLY appreciated.
  • Believe it or not, there is quite a bit of skill involved when it comes to throwing a piece of steel against a target.

IMO, it is better with a larger group (4+). We went for a guys night and will 100% go back. Your safety & training session takes about 15 minutes. This includes signing your waivers, reviewing all safety procedures, rules, and participating in and receiving instruction on how to throw an axe.

Safety is always a priority. If teams fail to select an official league by the deadline, their official league will default to the last one they were added in to. All scores must be uploaded into the WATL App in real time and uploaded to the leaderboard. If connectivity issues occur, all scores must be uploaded to the WATL App within 48 hours. If connectivity issues happen for more than 2 weeks in a given season, please contact WATL for guidance.


The third purposeful distraction from a spectating league member will result in a forfeit of the season or tournament. The league member or tournament participant will not be allowed to spectate or participate for the remainder of the season or tournament. Sudden Death 1. In the event of a tie after 10 throws in a single game, the game enters sudden death .

axe throwing

The common rule is that thrower must not step over the throwing line before the axe hits or misses the target; a thrower who steps over the line gets 0 points. Before the competition, a special target for practice throws must be made available. Throwers practicing on the competition target will be disqualified from the competition. There are also championships in other games or trick shots.

Instead, a replica can be an alternative so that it won’t hurt anyone if it hits someone instead of the tree or the bullseye. It makes ax throwing a safe activity for the whole family. Participate in the events by visiting an ax-throwing club in your area. The best part is that you can do it for free at any of the participating sites. Being with friends and family is usually more enjoyable than being by yourself, so feel free to invite them to participate or watch the game from the sidelines. Go head to head or split into teams!


We are a world-class WATL facility ready to take an amazing item off your bucket list! Axe throwing is like darts but a million times more fun! We specialize in date nights, bachelorette, bachelor and birthday parties, corporate team building, and friends & family bonding. Detroit Axe is perfectly designed to host large group events.

Why We Love International Axe Throwing Day

Reservations are highly recommended. A waiver is required to participate. Guests without a waiver may still visit our restaurant, bar, or spectate. Noncompliance may result in loss of throwing privileges. All sales are final. Supercharged Entertainment is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken personal property.

When handling an axe, you must be aware of your surroundings and always handle the axe in a safe manner. No swinging the axe, do not gesture with an axe and absolutely no flipping of the axe, no baseball style throwing. We only have snack foods available to purchase. If you would like something more, you are welcome to bring in food or have food delivered.

Axe-perience the thrill of axe throwing! There is nothing in the tri-state more fun and exhilarating than axe throwing at Plaid & Timber. Enjoy 1 hour of axe throwing in Evansville, Indiana. Hang out with old friends, meet new ones and vanquish them all one bullseye at a time! Join the The American Axe Throwing League for your weekly fix of fun, friends, beer and axes.