Role of Media in Democracy lesson Social Science, Class 7

In the 5 Parts series which can be referred using below, the first four parts contain important short study notes useful for your paper 1 preparation while the 5th part contains solved question papers of last almost 12 years MCQ Question. Q5.According to the stimulus-­response model, all communication is a/an ________ process. Since other major democratic institutions are coming under the scrutiny, media cannot be an exception to this. Age old dilemma of free-vibrant media vs public accountability.

what is the role of media in society

It, therefore, includes the right to propagate one’s views through the print media or through any other communication channel e.g.; the radio and the television. Every citizen of this country therefore has the right to air his or their views through the printing and or the electronic media subject of course to permissible restrictions imposed under Article 19 of the constitution. In sum, the fundamental principle involved here is the people’s right to know.

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Sensationalisation, scandal obsessed and insensitive news violate the privacy of citizens. Accountability collides with commercial intent, TRP ratings and amassing revenue by giving importance to trivial issues. Excessive advertising may manipulate people into buying things they don’t really want. Introducing and spreading cultural values across various segments of society. Guglielmo Marconi of Italy invented the mode of transmitting sound signals without using wires. By 1901, Marconi succeeded in creating a wireless communication link between Europe and North America.

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When social Capitals exercise their power and privileges and do constructive work, the media is always behind. The role of the media is even more important in highlighting the bad connection between the mafia and criminal organizations. The media also continues to send information to a society aware of rights and privileges. Because of these media roles, it is very important and was called the fourth pillar of democracy. This allows even illiterate people to explore the world of knowledge and knowledge.

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Media should report and highlight more positive stories and best practices to inspire positive changes. Success of Swachh Bharat showed the power of media in bringing behaviour change. On the other, it performs a “checking function” ensuring that elected officials uphold their oaths of o ce and campaign promises and that they carry out the wishes of the electorate. Opposition parties allege that government of not allowing the media to talk about issues like ‘jobs or the ones raised by farmers’. This approach, which is implemented by YouTube, encourages users to click on the links with verified and vetted information that would debunk the misguided claims made in fake or hateful content.